PantherNOW Newsletter: Wed. May 23 – SGA merger, Royal Wedding, & Panthers baseball

For the first time in a generation, FIU’s two Student Government Councils will merge into one governing body, though not everyone involved is completely on board.

To read more about the merger, along with other topics such as the Royal Wedding, please click here.



My term as Editor-in-Chief for FIU Student Media has officially begun with the publication of PantherNOW’s last theme magazine of the semester: Graduation.

Check out the cover I designed below and click here to read my first Editor’s Note.

In this PantherNOW theme magazine we cover all things graduation.

Cover photo by Gerard Albert/PantherNOW

Editor Note graphic by Michelle Marchante (me)



[VIDEO] Stars On Ice 2018

Recap I created of my favorite performances of the Stars On Ice 2018 tour at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, FL.

Filmed and edited by me. Songs in video were the ones they skated to. 

[VIDEO] Where Did The Sand Go?

This mini-documentary focuses on the sand shortage crisis facing Florida and how the SAND Act may be a potential solution.

I conducted the interviews, wrote the voiceover script and did the voiceover. I also coordinated the interviews, as well as Senator Marco Rubio’s statement.

Claw & Growl Radio DACA Special Friday, March 9, 2018

Led the initiative to create Student Media’s first ever radio panel special, which was recorded on Thursday, March 8, 2018 and aired on Friday, March 9, 2018 from 10-11 a.m. and from 4-5 p.m on 95.3FM in Miami, 96.9FM in North Miami and 88.1 in Kendall/Homestead. It also streamed at

On this show: The Claw & Growl hosts Student Media’s first ever radio panel special. Panel topics revolve around all things DACA with a concentration on how it specifically affects students from the Caribbean. Topics range from what DACA is, to what’s currently happening now with DACA and what its future seems to be. Panel also discusses the mental health side of the conversation.

As News Director, I moderated the panel along with the Opinion Director. Panel includes members of FIU’s Caribbean Student Association, a representative from FIU’s Counseling & Psychological Services, an FIU DACA recipient, and the director of the Carlos A. Costa Immigration and Human Rights Clinic.

As News Director, I am leading the initiative in creating Student Media’s first ever radio panel special. Besides coordinating the special and selecting the panelists, I will also be one of the show’s moderators.

This special is in collaboration with FIU’s Caribbean Student Association and will focus on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Topics of discussion will revolve around what the current situation of DACA is and what the future may hold for student recipients. The panel will also discuss how the current issues surrounding DACA may affect the mental health of DACA-recipients.

The panel will air on the Claw & Growl Friday, March 9, from 10-11 a.m. only on The Roar. You can tune in at 95.3 FM in Miami, 96.9 in North Miami, 88.1 in Kendall/Homestead. You can also listen online at

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