Disney has failed Hispanics

Disney has failed Hispanics. Last year, Disney debuted their first Hispanic princess, Elena of Avalor. As Avalor’s princess, she is a skilled sword-fighter, has magical powers and does not have a love interest. She is a mixture of different Hispanic heritages, cultures and legends. She sounds fascinating, except, Disney has belittled and discriminated against her.

FIU can help students find jobs before graduation

Internships are what open the door to career “heavens” for students and is something that can separate a student’s resume from all the others. FIU is completely aware of how important this task is and has made sure to provide multiple different resources students can use during their time here to ensure that they are capable of reeling in an internship by graduation.

Students: Take advantage of free software

Microsoft’s program family, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is one of the most essential and useful programs ever created but it can also be expensive. Luckily, when it comes to computers, software or just technology in general, students can get a lot of discounts, deals and perks, especially if they take advantage of the free softwares FIU provides.

America looks to superheroes for hope

Superheroes appeared around the 1930s when America had just come out of the Great Depression and was about to enter World War II. Americans were low on morale, money and hope. Yet, in these past couple of years, superheroes have once again entered the spotlight, as the amount of Marvel movies and DC TV shows demonstrate, but why?

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