Betsey Johnson Meet and Greet for her XOX Trolls Collection

My Designer and I: Meeting Betsey Johnson for the first time

Saturday, Oct. 15, fashion guru Betsey Johnson hosted a Meet and Greet event at Miami’s Dadeland Mall’s Macy as part of her tour event to present her new collection, Betsey Johnson XOX Trolls. As a devoted fan who constantly refers to her as “my designer,” I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to actually meet her face-to-face.

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Catch a Pokemon, Fight a Gym, Train the Pokemon, Catch a Pokemon, Fight a Gym- it’s the same routine.

Pokemon Go: Revolutionary concept but horrible execution

It’s official, the long-awaited it’s-no-longer-an-April-Fools-Prank game, “Pokemon Go” has been released and fans have pretty much exploded with anticipation on finally being able to get their hands on this augmented reality phone simulator but while the app’s concept is brilliant, its execution is horrible.

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“The Legend of Tarzan” swung into theaters just in time for the 4th of July holiday weekend, setting it up to be one of the biggest if not THE biggest blockbuster hit of the summer, but it didn’t quite happen.

Movie Review: The Legend of Tarzan goes dark and it works

Like other childhood favorites that have recently returned to the big screen, Tarzan was thrown into a pot of shadows and mixed with the darker side of humanity, a darkness that traditional fans have trouble swallowing but the thing is, this “dark” Tarzan actually works.

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